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December 13th 2014 will mark a huge change in UK catering – from this date all caterers will have to adhere to the new EU legislation regarding allergen labelling.

As a nation we are becoming more susceptible to food allergies. For those at greatest risk, the tiniest trace of a food allergen can trigger a severe reaction and in some cases those symptoms may prove fatal.

With the aim of protecting consumers, the new EU legislation requires caterers in all foodservice businesses to provide information on the presence of allergens in their menu items when asked.

Whether it’s wheat or dairy, soybeans or sesame seeds, any one of 14 food allergens will now need to be stated if present in the food you provide.

To help you get ready for menu labelling, our Pelican Nutrition team can:

  • Help with checking ingredients
  • Create allergen registers and document your recipes
  • Provide allergen training to ensure your staff are able to deal with any enquiries
  • Advise on all the requirements of allergen labelling legislation
  • Assist with the allergen documentation you provide your customers

For further information, on how we can help you in this area please call 01252 705 200 or email 

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