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EU Food Labelling Regulation for Food Allergen

This week, we have been reading news stories that focus on how over 100 industry chefs have joined forces to write an open letter to the Daily Telegraph warning that the EU food labelling regulations for food allergens are having a negative impact on the catering industry.

The letter, which was backed by chefs and restaurateurs including Prue Leith, Albert Roux and Mark Hix, expressed concern over the “bureaucratic nightmare” that the new rulings have imposed on catering businesses since they were introduced at the end of 2014.   The letter stated that the EU rulings will “reduce spontaneity, creativity and innovation”.

As we see it, chefs, caterers and restaurateurs are also concerned about the time it may take to research all ingredients in recipes, to ensure they can provide a list of allergens that may be present in order to comply with the new rules.


Award-winning Menu and Allergen Management System 

Here at Pelican, we have created a way to easily overcome this task, thanks to an easy-to-use online menu and allergen system we call Piranha. 

Piranha enables caterers to fully monitor and track all allergen and nutritional data, for every ingredient that is used in menus.  This information is taken directly from the chef’s suppliers and provides a simple way to quickly determine exactly what allergens are contained within a dish.

It can be relied on to provide accurate information and doesn’t require chefs to spend time researching the individual ingredients of each and every item that has gone into a new recipe. 

Ultimately, we have created Piranha to help support the industry in accessing the allergen information they need – with ease – and to deliver the complete peace of mind that comes from monitoring and tracking allergen and nutritional data for every ingredient that is used in your menus.

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