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With Pelican's  - you can place orders with MULTIPLE suppliers, from ONE easy to use website, at any time, day or night.

Order templates can be set up in seconds and orders placed in just a couple of minutes.

You can send a note linked to a specific product to suppliers.

You can set up notifications so other user can be notified when orders are being placed.

You can set approval thresholds for orders that go over a set limit.

Products can be found very quickly and you can tailor product lists so your staff can only order approved items.

Our system also uses a staged approval system, so placed orders can be forwarded to the budget holder, prior to them being sent to a supplier.

The system is flexible; you can use it when you wish, alongside other ways of ordering goods from your suppliers.

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What customer says:

“ Cherry Pi, gives us so much more flexibility and saves us times and resources. Before the catering team would have to place order in one go and by a certain time. It would take about 40 minutes or even more to type in all the products and process it.  

Now with Cherry Pi it takes them only 10 minutes or less depending on the size of the order. The process is so much easier and simple. 

What’s more they can gradually build up the order throughout the day and place it before we leave home. Furthermore, more users have access to the system so the order can be built progressively during the day too.   

The Cherry Pi system is very easy to use, it is very intuitive, it’s like placing orders on Amazon, so there is really no need for training. 

From the management point of view, the system enable the head office to have more control as we can see what’s being order, by whom and the progress of the order. 

We can restrict the list of products and suppliers that the schools can use to achieve compliance with the contracted list.” 

Mark Capper, Marketing & Development Manager - Surrey Commercial Services, Surrey County Council

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