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‘Tis the busy season for hospitality operators, as the holidays draw near. However, amid the festive hustle and bustle, there’s also a growing awareness of the environmental impact the season brings – at this time of year, approximately 30% more waste is generated.

Adopting sustainable practices during this period not only aligns with the global movement towards eco-conscious choices but also gives hospitality businesses a competitive edge.

Emily Cunningham, Marketing Executive at Pelican Procurement, provides a closer look at key tips for sustainable hospitality during this festive period:

Minimise food miles

Opt for seasonal, locally sourced ingredients where possible to reduce your carbon footprint and enhance your menu’s uniqueness. Supporting local providers benefits the community, allows operators to minimise transportation-related environmental impact and it can also offer fresher, more flavourful dishes.

Reduce waste with menu planning

To help reduce food waste over the busy festive season, consider creative menu planning and using food waste monitoring tools.

Using leftovers to craft innovative dishes for the next day’s menu not only reduces waste but also showcases a commitment to sustainability.

In addition, Pelican’s eProcurement system Pi includes Food Waste Monitoring Tools which can help catering teams effectively manage food waste throughout their kitchen operations. With these innovative tools, you can track waste generation, calculate waste costs and review reduction strategies.

Consider zero-waste beverage

Zero-waste cocktails are an innovative way to reduce your carbon footprint this holiday season.

For example, Discarded Spirits Co. is a zero-waste brand whose product range is created by re-using typically ‘wasted’ ingredients, including banana peels and the discarded fruit of the coffee berry.

Create sustainable festive displays

If you opt for a real tree this season, make sure you dispose of it responsibly. There are often collection services available where the tree can be chipped for mulching or composting.

Alternatively, consider ‘hiring’ a Christmas tree for the season. Enjoy it over the festive period, then have it taken away and replanted for the rest of the year – just look up ‘renting a Christmas tree’ and see what is available in your local area.

To create your holiday displays, consider using natural materials like wood, pinecones, twigs, flower wreaths, and twine. Unlike their plastic counterparts, these decorations have a lower environmental footprint and can be composted or reused.

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