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With a Silver Food 4 Life Award firmly in the sights for Nuno Matias, Catering Services Manager for Royal Brompton & Harefield, he explains how, with support from Pelican Procurement and the use of the Pelican Pi system, he has been able to not only achieve this goal but is now working towards attaining the gold:

“I have been working with Pelican Procurement and their Pi system for the past two years, and I must say it has been an incredible experience. Once I was introduced to Pelican, I never looked back. I was aware of the capabilities a company like Pelican possessed having worked with procurement, and they have certainly lived up to my expectations.

Revolutionising operations with the Pi System

Using the Pi system has been a game-changer for our operations. Initially, I was not familiar with the Pi system, but with training and support, we are using a number of the Pi modules – from online ordering, stock management, invoice management and more recently, Picnic which is the electronic patient meal ordering system.

The introduction of Picnic gives us the ability to provide a pictorial menu and includes a picture for every single product, which helps us to meet the national food and drink standards. It aids in effective communication, particularly with staff members for whom English is not their first language. This is going to be huge for us, and we are continuing to roll out more tablets to extend our digital patient ordering.

Nuno and his catering team

How the Pi features and functionalities made a difference

Previously, we worked with another supplier for a patient meal ordering platform, paying a fee of £15,000 per year.

The tablets were the only functional aspect of the system, allowing us to manually create recipes and manage stock. However, with Pelican’s Pi system, we not only have far better functionality but also don’t have to pay for the Pi system itself. No one else can match this. It gives me peace of mind and helps me to manage budgets effectively significantly.

Having used a similar system in the past, I can confidently say that Pelican’s Pi system surpasses it in every aspect. It’s so much easier to use; the previous system was complicated, and I was the only person able to use it. With Pelican’s Pi, my wider team uses it, prices are automatically updated, recipes are easily updated, and my wider team uses it day to day.  It’s near perfection! It’s helping us a lot, and I have no regrets!

The Pi system has opened up endless possibilities for me, and there’s still more I intend to use, such as a waste management app. I am constantly discovering new features and functionalities in Pi that enhance our processes. We’ve started using the Foodchecker, where our staff, patients, and visitors now have easy access to essential nutritional information and allergen details. The entire procurement cycle and our processes have been streamlined and optimised with Pelican’s support.

The more I use Pi, the more impressed I am – and I know it’s going to keep getting better. It simplifies my job, allowing me to focus on my core responsibilities. The best part is that I no longer have to worry about suppliers because Pelican takes care of everything.

Achieving higher standards and awards thanks to Pelican

The peace of mind I have gained from Pelican’s services is priceless. Whether it’s ensuring competitive prices, obtaining products on our list, or sourcing as many organic items as possible, Pelican has always come through. As a catering management professional, there are countless things to worry about, but with Pelican by my side, I can let go of those concerns. The support is there all of the time.

Without Pelican and its Pi system, I would not have achieved half of what I have accomplished so far. We have received the Hospital Catering Awards for the work we do, however without Pelican’s support, I don’t think I would have achieved this so soon. Pelican’s unwavering support has been instrumental in our success.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional support I have received from Pelican. Their responsiveness is remarkable, and I always feel reassured knowing that they will address any concerns promptly. Their commitment to assisting me and my team is reassuring, and we are genuinely excited about the partnership. I see Mia our account manager and Pelican as an extension to my team.

Innovation was a significant factor that attracted me to my role, and Pelican has undoubtedly helped elevate our hospital to meet higher standards, especially when it comes to providing fresh, cooked food. They have become an integral part of my team.”

We are here to help.

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