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Latest Pelican and industry news

Five tips on how to cut food procurement costs

by Simona Hardy 2 January 2018

The first thing caterers should do is to examine what they are buying, who they are buying it from and how the ordering and delivery process occurs. Perhaps surprisingly, some are unsure about these, partly because it varies in different parts of the organisation or on different sites. Not surprisingly, in such circumstances one of the first money-saving steps that can be taken is to consolidate purchases so that better deals can be negotiated.

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New EU Procurement thresholds for public procurement from January 2018

by Simona Hardy 21 December 2017

The European Commission alters the public procurement thresholds every two years. New thresholds for the application of the EU procurement directives for procedures commencing on or after 1 January 2018 have now been published

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Pelican Pi featured in the The Caterer - Technology Technology Prospectus 2018

by Simona Hardy 6 December 2017

Thanks to the Pelican's Pi system, we are now achieving 26% operational inefficiency from kitchen to finance. On top of this, we have reduced our food and beverage cost by 12% through consolidation of products and a tender process, both managed by the Pelican procurement team. John Stirrat, General Manager from New Lanark Hotel and Visitor Centre, a World Heritage site in Scotland

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