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Latest Pelican and industry news

The demand for organic is higher than ever!

by Anna Maria Holt 22 September 2017

The 2017 Organic Market Report reveals a +7.1% growth of organic food and drink in the UK, while the non-organic market continues to decline. The demand for organic is higher than ever, with this being the sixth year of sustained sales growth of organic food and drink in the UK. At the end of 2016, the organic market was worth over £2 billion.

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Mytime Active sharing best practice: Healthier sausage reduces fat by 80kg!

by Anna-Maria Holt 21 September 2017

“Sausages are one of our most popular menu items. Nikki from Pelican has helped us to review all the alternative options and source a higher quality sausage that tastes great and has a much lower fat content. By swapping one product alone, we managed to reduce fat by 80kg across all our sites!

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Thomas’ London Day Schools: The benefits of keeping catering in-house

by Peppa Sheridan 19 September 2017

On reflection, the switch over to in-house catering has been a real success story. The benefits have been phenomenal. We have the passion to do it ourselves in order to deliver a catering service that is second to none, with no restrictions on what products or ingredients we can source. The appointment of Pelican as our procurement partner has also helped to relieve supplier-related pressures.

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